Magnetic Resonance Non-Invasive Beam: MR NIB™

MR NIB™ is a DNP enhancement method and apparatus covered by US Patent US10773093B2, which refers to a compact and portable MRI device that can be used every day in everyday life, is easy to use, and does not require additional costs.


A volunteer project to build a large database of molecular structures.


The Electron Larmor Microwave Amplifier THReaded On Nuclei (ELMATHRON®) is an apparatus to deliver electron Larmor frequency waves whose amplitude is modulated by a nuclear Larmor frequency pulse.

Ground Penetrating Radar Sar-Saar

Sar-Saar is our ground penetrating radar with synthetic aperture antenna that can achieve very deep (up to 1 km) geologic exploration.

NVIDIA CUDA Consulting

Since 2008, Elegant Mathematics has been an established partner and official consulter of NVIDIA Corporation. We offer wide range of services:
  • Consulting in porting your applications to GPU platforms, choosing and building appropriate hardware platform, together with tuning proprietary and external software for your needs.
  • Training and teaching, preferably in central Europe.
  • Outsourcing and porting your algorithms to CUDA/GPU platforms.

Scientific Consulting

We have well equipped laboratories for measuring many scientific phenomena and discovering the necessary empirical and physical constants for our solvers.

We have our own:
  • soldering laboratory with PandP machines, soldering oven (we design, solder, and assemble ca. 50 sq.m. per year of PCB);
  • physical laboratory equipped with high pressure (22 000 psi) and vacuum/turbomolecular (10e-9 Torr) systems, gyrotrones, DNP, plasma, low temperature systems, and 20GHz/8bit and 250MHz/16bit multichannel oscilloscopes;
  • chemical laboratory with all necessary chemical syntheses equipment, including a wide range of glassware, HPLC/UHPLC equipped with full range of injectors, mixers and valves, NMR, NMR-DNP, IR spectrometers, and automatic microchemistry equipment;
  • a CNC and 3D printing laboratory;
  • a supercomputer with 24TB of RAM and 23K cores;
and many other modern physical/chemical systems that allow us to take part in almost any scientific research and development.

All this equipment allows us to immediately jump into your task and simulate, predict, and test obtained results on real hardware to deliver results approved by practical experiments.

Intellectual Property

Elegant Mathematics' innovative technologies are protected by the following patents:
  • US 10,646,722 B2 Production of homogeneous and focused permanent magnets from commonly available magnetic material, free of rare earth elements.

  • US 10,773,092 B2 A dual-band DNP-NMR method with no need to use very expensive turbomolecular pumps, liquid helium to cool the magnets, or other cryogenic methods.

  • US 10,773,093 B2 A method of non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging, non-invasive heating, and non-invasive ablation.

  • US 11,415,653 B2 A method and a device for detecting substances and their concentrations in a mixture using magnetic resonance.

  • US 17,019,263 (patent pending, notice of allowance is received) A method for DNP-NMR measurements.

And a plurality of patent pending applications. All of this allowed Elegant Mathematics Team to progress to the stage of production of a DNP NMR device capable of measuring a multicomponent mixture of organic substances with constituent concentrations in the nanomolar range and determining its molecular and isotopic composition along with the concentrations of its components.

  • ELEGANT NMR® (in use since Aug 2016)

  • ELMATHRON® (in use since Dec 2016)

are all registered trademarks and
  • MR NIB™ (in use since Aug 2016)

is a trademark application of Elegant Mathematics LLC.


An unserem ehrenamtlichen Projekt der riesigen Molekulardatenbank HugeMDB in unserem Büro im Saarland suchen wir HelferInnen:
dann sind sie bei uns genau richtig!

Auch SchülerInnender Oberstufen berücksichtigen wir gerne, wenn sie starke Interesse an Mathematik, Programmieren und Chemie nachweisen können, beispielsweise wenn sie Preise bei Chemie-, Mathematik- und Informatik-Olympiaden erhalten haben.

Um Ihren Lebenslauf und Motivationsbrief einzureichen, schreiben Sie uns an apply at multi-d dot com.

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